Hitchhike again

From Pärnu to Viljandi, 3rd of May 2010
Weather: nice and warm
Companions: nope, went solo
Start of hitchhiking, stage 1: 5.30pm, at the border of Pärnu
Time it took to get on: 2 minutes

Start of stage 2: 5.40pm, at Reiu Rist
Time it took to get on: 1 minute

Driver and travelers: stage 1 – a nice guy who went to Uulu and dropped me off at Reiu Rist. Stage 2 – truck drive from Latvia

Despite the fact that it was Monday evening it was a quick ride! In an hour and ten minutes I was in Viljandi (consider I was on a big truck most of the time). The first car was just a short lenght, only 12 kilometres. I even did not have to raise my hand on Reiu Rist as the truck driver pulled over instantly. Yet again I had to “speak” Russian which I do not know well (I understand better than I can answer). They guy was funny and we talked about bears and forests and of course about the fact that I should invite him over to stay. In the end I turned about to be a break-dance teacher studying in Viljandi… He he he! The only thing was that while in a truck, it’s fairly slow and bumpy!


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