One past hitchhike

From Viljandi to Tartu, 21st of May 2010
Weather: hot!
Companions: went solo but met with a friend on the side of the road, tried together for a while
Start of hitchhiking: around 1.30pm, on the border of Viljandi.
Time it took to get on: failed attempt

So I had plenty of time in hand to get to Tartu. The day was really hot and sunny. I spent almost half an hour alone, no-one stopped. That was at the last house of the town (see the map, link above). Later, a friend L. came as well and she thought it’d be wiser to move along the road a bit. We attempted about 100 metres further, after the small bridge. No luck either. She went up the hill (see map again, blue point no 2) and I carried on my attempt to stop some cars. All were either really nosy (honking, waving and making silly faces), really nice (pointing that they are turning right towards Võru) or just ignorant (staring ahead with empty space in their fancy cars). Oh well. Couple of girls started to hike just in my old spot as well and after another 15 minutes or so I gave up. I had already tried for an hour and it was too darn hot. So I walked back to the town and took a bus. As I heard, both L. and the two other girls (who were also from my school) got on.

It was my first time to stop attempting at this spot on the route from Viljandi to Tartu. Usually it is fairly easy to stop cars and get to Tartu – most times it is their destination and only on couple of times I was dropped somewhere in-between. I have noticed that when I decide to try for another 5 minutes or another 20 cars I am picked up rather quickly (the correlation is not proved but I believe in it strongly as one winter I stood in the exact spot for nearly 45 minutes and decided to give up because I couldnt feel my fingers anymore – it was -12 degrees – but stubbornly decided to take on 10 more cars. The 2nd one stopped!)… Anyway, this thought did not work for me this time. Ah, but the bus did have free space at the back so I just lied down and slept all the way – a thing that’s considered rude when hitchhiking.

Anyway, better luck next time!


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