Yesterday at work a colleague asked me to help her with some translations as she was sick at home and the deadline was near. I, being a natural helper and having abnormally few things to do, agreed. The text was about a new master’s programme in our uni. The programme is rather fresh for Estonia, too, and one-of-a-kind in the world (when you type it in to Google, nothing related come up!)

So what I had in hand were sentences and expressions that were hard to describe. Academical texts have always been funny and complex where sentences strech long and you forget the start when you reach the end.

It took me about an hour to translate all 4 paragraphs and several people to ask questions from. I even used a dictionary! I think myself rather good in English but this time I even struggled when had to translate ‘mõtestama’ which is ‘give sense to’. Bloody hell, I have to boost up my (written) English somehow.

In the end the text was alright, I think. If you ever come across a short description of Inherited Crafts MA, let me know if it made any sense.

p.s – despite the complexity of the text, the programme is totally awesome!


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