At the moment I am studying for a last (graded) exam in uni. During spring semester I do have to attend 2 courses, but these are just passed/not passed and my graduation paper or should I say practical work is completely another story (am organizing a 3-day theatre festival).

What is funny about this exam is that it is lectured by this man who we had at least 2 courses in our 1st year and the topic of this exam is kind of the basic (and essential) for a culture manager (yes, I am taking this exam later than usual, the others are all 2nd and 3rd year students).

Secondly, I am studying with people. Just came from a study-night with Nele and what is strange that I have hardly ever (just once) studied with a group. I like to study alone. Then I can blame only myself when getting it wrong :) I did enjoy this session though and looks like I am ready for the exam. Hopefully I can show off some skills and get the best grade possible. Fingers crossed!


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