The absurdity of buying shoes / Kingaostu absurdusest

So I bought new shoes today. It is always a struggle for me to find some as I have rather big feet that are wide and high too. My previous (brown) shoes are about 5 years old and they have served me well – they have been to Scotland and back, they have danced with me during 4 folk music festivals and this autumn they finally obtained a hole on their side.

The reason behind buying new shoes is not the holes, but the fact that in the summer we will have a dance festival again and my clothes need black shoes with low heel that are sturdy but flexible. I did not want to buy proper dance shoes as the ones I like are for dancing indoors, but our festival is out on the field. So I made quests to the stores to find something. A lot of the items are sparkly, absurdly high-heeled, not my size etc.

Finally I discovered these:



These are more or less okay. Not perfect but as good as it gets. Plus they are beautiful so I can wear them in the office as well.

I asked the seller if I can bring them back if I find them unsuitable (you know, pinching after a day, not comfy enough to dance in etc). She said that yes, they can exchange these for another type but the shoes I bring back must not be worn at all. Come on, how am I supposed to tell that they don’t fit??? I get the idea that they have to be new when returning but… Absurdity at it’s best.

Ostsin lõpuks pärast pikki otsinguid endale rahvatantsu tarbeks uued kingad. Küsisin poemüüjalt, et kui need ei sobi, kas saan need poodi tagastada. Tema ütles, et saab küll, nad võivad need mulle mõne teise kingapaari vastu välja vahetada, aga et tagastavad kingad peavad olema kandmata. Kuidas ma siis ikkagi teada saan, kas need kingad pärast üht tantsuproovi ka mulle sobivad või mitte, kui ma neid kanda ei saa, ah???


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  1. Kingad on pealtnäha ilusad, loodan, et ka mõnusad. Aga ühe tantsutrenni võiks ju ikka teha ja siis öelda (kui ei sobi), et toas käisin tund aega ringi ja hakkas jala peale:) ikka mina


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