Timeless / Ajatu

I have no time to blog today but hold on, what am I doing right now. Well, it is a quick notice before I run home, try to heap up all the logs that are coming in half hour (for heating, this winter has been so cold that we already ran out of timber). That should be done in an hour and then packing my bag for tonight and tomorrow.

Then, at 4pm we are off to Tallinn to see one of the graduation performances of our 4th year actors – it’s Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler” this time not Trier’s “Dogma” adaptation.

Tomorrow I will attend a culture policy seminar and in the afternoon babysit my niece (yay!). In the evening I try to catch the last bus back to Viljandi as there’s the dance festival on Sunday and a good friend is coming to take pictures of it.

and THEN it is the start of the last semester on Monday.

Täna pole aega blogida, niisiis ainult kiire teatis, et kohe lähen puid laduma, siis Tallinnasse Krahli “Hedda Gablerit” vaatama. Laupäeval kultuuripoliitika seminarile ja vennatütart hoidma ning õhtuse bussiga tagasi Viltsi, et pühapäeval Koolitantsule jõuda. Ja esmaspäeval algab viimane ülikoolisemester…


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