What is my dream vacation, I have no idea. Every vacation I’ve had has been wonderful in many ways and it’s hard to choose.

What I do expect from a vacation is some time alone, with myself; some time with my family and then some time with friends. Meeting new people ain’t that bad either.

I like to spend some time with books. I love when I have a vacation and a heap of books (best if series) waiting, inviting. A whole new world opens up then. I remember back in one summer when I discovered Lord of the Rings. Boy, was that a nice summer!

I like travelling. Who wouldn’t, right. The world is flat and open for anyone who is able and dares to go out. I enjoy going solo. My last trip and a ‘real vacation’ meaning taking time off after some hard work was on my own to visit my beloved Edinburgh. I stayed there for a week and rediscovered many places just as I had a year before. I did meet some friends and had a good time but mainly I was alone and it’s was fantastic. Of course, after the week I longed for large group of people to go out with and also some work and I did.

Another nice time to spend a vacation is to meet with your oldest friends and do the things you did like, forever ago. Eat, laugh, reminisce.

And the one criteria I have for a vacation – it can’t be long. I get bored. So a week or maybe two. After that I get itchy for some action and work – because I love my work.


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