Feet in snow

Today has been a fantastic day. I got to sleep until late – I woke up around 10.15! Then, made some delicious breakfast and after that stormed off to a little dance workshop where we learnt about Finnish folk dance. Then it was time for the folk dance show case by a ensemble from Tallinn and you could see the joy of dance when they were up on the stage.

At 3pm it was our turn to show off the joy and so we marched outside and danced in the snow and in about -10 degrees C. Lovely stuff, lots of laughter and people – around 1000 of us!

After some early dinner me and Meka, a good friend and fantastic dancer, rocked on the simman floor. Couple of hours of polkas, waltzes and reilenders we were exhausted and our feet were jelly-like. But it was all worth it :D


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