Inspiring / Inspireeriv

If and only if I have time tonight I will try my best to pre-write lots of posts for this week because it looks like I do not have time. My uni graduation work/festival is starting on Friday and things are a bit hectic before that. Everything is done but there are zillion little things that need attention. Plus other stuff to do. So here goes nothing and here’s hoping I can blog :)

But, for today, here’s a little inspirational post about ruins. Fantastic work:

Kui täna õhtul aega leian, siis kirjutan mitu eel-postitust selleks nädalaks, sest reedel algab festival, mis on mu ülikooli lõputöö. Kuigi kõik on korras, nõuab mitusada väikest asja mu tähelepanu ja noh, nii see aeg kulub,

Aja kulumist ja inspiratsiooni aga saab ka sellisest blogipostist:


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