What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in?

Oh I know that one. I remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach as it was yesterday. In reality it was back in year ’98 or ’99 when I was in 4th grade. I was on my way to the Nature House where I went for after-school activities (we learnt about animals, plants, ecosystem etc).

It was winter or late autumn and I was crossing a street (not exactly from the designated place but 2-3 metres from it where the actual walking path ended and continued on the other side, leading into a park). I saw a car making a right turn towards the crossing and stopped to let it past. The car slowed down as if letting me to cross it. So I did but during those first two steps I realized it wasn’t slowing down. So I ran over the street and the car had to put its breaks on so it stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. I looked over my shoulder but everything seemed to be fine so I continued my way through the park.

Then I noticed that the car is following around the park. The car parked right where I stepped out and from the car there came an extremely angry lady, shouting at me. What had happened was that she had her dog (a rather big type of dog) on the back seat and during the sudden stop the dog had smashed into the front window. The dog was mostly okay, but a  little dizzy (they were going to the vet anyway for somekind of check up) but the wind front window had a huge fracture in it! The lady blamed me, as I was running across the street and so on. I was obviously shocked and crying and feeling very nervous as she wanted for my parents to pay for the repair of the window. It is not cheap to change the front window of a car and I knew it. I also was aware that our family did not a lot of money to pay for things like car’s front window. We even did not own a car ourselves!

So I gave the lady my name, my school and my home phone number. Went to the Nature House where the teacher consoled me and sent home early.

I waited for my Mum to come home and was very scared about what happened and what will happen afterwards. My Mum was absolutely cool when I started crying and saying that I do not want any Christmas presents nor birthday presents (my b-day is couple of weeks later) as all the money is going to the car and I will never do that again and so on… She said we will see what happens and I should not worry. She said she is just happy I was alright. So we waited for the phone call that did not came that night. Or the night after. The lady called a week later claiming she was looking up prices for the window repair. In the mean time we had done some research as well and it turned out that the dog should have been strapped or something so really she was breaking some rules here and as I was crossing very near the crossroads…

In the end we did not pay anything and I never crossed the road from there anymore. But I hate the feeling when someone yells at others (who are smaller).

It’s obviously not “the most troubling” situation but I have remembered it ever since. :)


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