Right, this is getting ridiculous! I haven’t been writing posts in more than a week now and I don’t like it. Things have been rather hectic these past days and evenings. Mostly, time has been valuable for sleep and thoughts that are not meant for blog but rather for myself in my diary.

Anyway, as I would like to carry on with this blog project I will continue in the Weekly Post.

For the 2nd week of March: Name a book that changed your life

This is rather hard question. Not in terms of “I have read so many books it’s hard to choose” but for “In which way can a book change you?” Yes, I believe that books can change people but when I think back to my reading years (oh, what a beautiful expression – my reading years) there ain’t many that have caused earth shattering changes.

There are some books that have drawn me into activities and made me meet people and in that way changing me into what I am today (Lord of the Rings). When I read another book I remember being changed by some sentences and ideas from that book but I can’t remember what where the ideas or what was changed within me (Life of Pi).

Therefor, I am telling you that the book that changed my life is Aabits (The Alphabet Book). The red one called Karu-Aabits (Bear’s Alphabet Book)  that I learnt letters with my dad when I was about 3 and the other is the yellow one, just Aabits that most people my age got when they went to school. I had it before at home and loved every single page of it!

Learning letters was so much fun. Me and my dad, we did it through play and songs and with Karu-Aabits whose main character is a legend in Estonia. Everyone knows him – he’s in the book and in TV as a children show and they are fantastic.

I think I started reading when I was almost 4. I definitely knew letters before that. As we have many books at home it is hard to tell which one was the first book I read through and through. Reading has brought me lots of joy and taught me many things so you could say The Alphabet Book has changed my life a lot!

Current mood: content and expectant
Current music: Mari Kalkun – Loomine
Current drink: Liina’s coffee (one of the best)
Location: Annelinn, Tartu, Estonia


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