Aasta 2009

1. Twilight (film)

2. G.J. Hofstede, P. Pedersen, G. Hofstede “Kultuuri uurides” (raamat)

3. Black Books S1-S3 (teleseriaal)

4. The Hudsucker Proxy (film)

5. Burn After Reading (film)

6. Yes Man (film)

7. J.M. Auel “The Shelters of Stone” (raamat)

8. Whiskey Galore (film)

9. Slumdog Millionaire (film)

10. The Man Who Had No Luck (teater)

11. I. McEwan “Atonement” (raamat)

12. Milk (film)

13. Changeling (film)

14. A Mighty Heart (film)

15. Almost Famous (film)

16. In Bruges (film)

17. T. Pratchett “Truth” (raamat)

18. J.Aiken “A Small Pinch of Water” (raamat)

19. Harry Potter 1-5 (film)

20. B. Hopkins “Going Places” (raamat)

21. Monsters, Mountains and Massacres by Highland Experience (reis, ajalugu)

22. Ghosthunter Trail of Edinburgh (reis, ajalugu)

23. “Natural Magic” by Calum Colvin (kunst)

24. “A Developed Vision” RSA collection (kunst)

25. National Galleries of Scotland collection (kunst)

26. The Writers’ Museum (ajalugu, kirjandus)

27. Museum of Childhood (ajalugu)

28. The Museum of Edinburgh (ajalugu)

29. 25 Years of Photography (kunst)

30. Entre les Murs (film)

31. The Pied Piper (tantsuteater)

32. Wendy and Lucy (film)

33. Let The Right One In (film)

34. The Reader (film)

35. Last Days of Sophie Scholl (film)

36. Waiting for Godot (teater)

37. Power of Silence (teater)

38. Ceilidh in the Lot x5 (tants, traditsioonid)

39. Three Days of Rain (teater)

40. Beltane (traditsioonid, rituaalid, tants)

41. 17 Again (film)

42. The Lion King (film)

43. Ceilidh Experience in Bongo Club, in Pollock Halls (tants, traditsioonid)

44. Big in Falkirk (festival – tants, teater, performance-kunst, muusika)

45. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (film)

46. Into The Wild (film)

47. People’s Story (ajalugu)

48. After Mary Rose (teater)

49. Is Anybody There? (film)

50. Street Performances on Royal Mile (ühemehekomöödia, miim))

51. Glasgow Cathedral, Oldest House in Glasgow, Gallery of Modern Art (reis, ajalugu, arhitektuur, kunst)

52. “Commonwealth Suite” by Jordan Baseman and Henna-Riikka Halonen in The Collective Gallery (kunst)

53. “Buried” & “Ghost Story” by Willie Doherty in The FruitMarket Gallery (kunst)

54. So You Think You Can Dance season 5 (tants, teleseriaal)

55. Love n’ dancing (film)

56. Billy Elliot (film)

57. Center Stage (film)

58. August Rush (film)

59. Firefly Intermediate Sharings 2009 (teater)

60. North East Westival in Holland (reis, tänavateater)

61. S. Meyer “Twilight” (raamat)

62. S. Meyer “New Moon” (raamat)

63. S. Meyer “Eclipse” (raamat)

64. S. Meyer” Breaking Dawn” (raamat)

65. S. Meyer” Midnight Sun” (raamat)

66. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)

67. Rudo y Cursi (film)

68. Y tu mama tambien (film)

69. Antichrist (film)

70. J. Jarvis “What Would Google Do?” (raamat)

71. The Noise Next Door “OtherWorld” (impro, teater)

72. Free Fringe Stand-Up Comedy tasters (ühemehekomöödia)

73. 2x Tom Bell’s “Hey Tom Bell!” (impro, ühemehekomöödia)

74. Hearty Productions “Hey Sister!” (muusikal)

75. KCS Theatre Company “Billy Budd” (teater)

76. Gaze: Lovin’ Earth Tour 2009 (ühemehekomöödia)

77. White Heath & Pretty Balanced (muusika)

78. John Caplis’ “Staff Room Stories” (ühemehekomöödia)

79. Heresy Comedy “Heresy Project: Kill Your God” (ühemehekomöödia)

80. Moscow State Circus

81. Spirits of The Fringe (ühemehekomöödia)

82. Lawrence Dance Academy “Cavedwellers” (tantsuteater)

83. The Comedy Manifesto (ühemehekomöödia)

84. Kate Middleton’s “The News At Kate” (ühemehekomöödia)

85. Daysleeper Productions “Alice Through The Looking Glass” (teater)

86. Al and Ned’s Balding Fringe (ühemehekomöödia)

87. Cambridge University ADC “Wind in The Willows” (teater)

88. John van der Put’s “Piff-tacular” (ühemehekomöödia)

89. Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa “Sense Fi” & “Conquassabit” (tants)

90. All About Me – Lynn Ruth Miller (jututeater)

91. IndieCops (podcast)

92. Mugglecast (podcast)

93. Show and Tell (jututuba)

94. TÜ VKA avapidu: Road Jam & Stereo Spectrum (pidu, muusika)

95. TÜ VKA lavastajaõppetöö S. Kane’i “Crave” (teater)

96. Eesti Nuku- ja Noorsooteater “Mängurid” (teater)

97. Kuressaare Linnateater “Tapatöö jumal” (teater)

98. Eesti Draamateater “Lõputu kohvijoomine” (teater)

99. TÜ VKA etenduskunstide spetsialiseerumisloeng Esituskunstide ajalugu I (loeng, kultuur) / non-stop aastaringselt


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  1. Vogel Medien Verlag

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for Saatchi Art


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